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Slow throughput or even inaccessible to the Internet always seems to puzzle many Internet users. Could it be a problem of your computer or is it the local Internet service provider's problem? Or is it the equipment connected to overseas or is it the overseas website's problem? Lets investigate the Internet access process in an easy step-by-step to better understand which part we need to focus on.

Following diagram shows the Internet access process.

User Side


Important Notes



My computer has all the basic requirements

Pentium III (or above) PC with CR-ROM, 256MB (or above) RAM, 200MB (or above) free hard disk space and display card with 4MB RAM

One Internet line only connects to one Internet account Many computer sharing the same bandwidth will slow down the through put
Installed and updated the latest version of Anti-virus

Computer virus will affect the computer system and at the same time it will slow down the through put. So we highly recommend our customers to install and update the latest version of anti-virus software


Installed Firewall

Firewall usually used can protect the network security. In normal situation, it is difficult to hack in the computer with firewall.

[Windows XP-SP1] [Windows XP-SP2]

Not massively open the application Applications such as FTP and ICQ will occupy some bandwidth and affect the access speed.


Light of power is on and steady

It means the power was connected properly.

Light of ADSL LINK is on and steady It means the modem is ready.
Light of LAN LINK is on and steady It means good connection with the computer.
Light of ACT is on and flashing It means data is transmitting. Should the light remain off, then it means no data transmission is occurring that time.


Each telephone needs to add one microfilter

Microfilter is mainly used to separate the data and voice transmission on the same phone line. If you have more than one telephone, remember to add the microfilter to each telephone.

Telephone Line

Telephone line is in good condition

Since Internet access is via a telephone line, the local humid weather may affect the overall quality of phone line and at the same time reduce the access speed.

For any queries, please contact our No. 1 Hotline: 1000 or e-mail to helpdesk@macau.ctm.net for assistance.


CTM Internet Platform

  • Information passes through CTM's consummation network via optical fiber and connects to the Internet platform with advanced and professional technology connected to other parts of the world. The 24 hours Internet platform monitoring system ensures no interruption for Internet service.
  • Upgrade platform network and increased overseas bandwidth to make sure that enough resource can fulfill customer requirement.
  • Provide various service plans with download through put of up to 6M.
  • 24 hours Hotline and on-site support service to help customer solve Internet problem.

Overseas websites

  • Uncontrolled overseas websites may affect the slow through put of Internet access and even sometimes cause users to not be able to browse any websites thereafter.
  • When browsing a homepage, the information will initially pass through the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and then it will travel over 10 to even more than 20 transmission spots when it reaches the destined website. Each by-passed transmission spots (i.e. ISP), has its own overseas bandwidth. When the information reaches the destined ISP, the website needs to take on enough bandwidth from the ISP for browsing and downloading. As the information by-passed many paths, the local ISP has no control on the many number of external factors mentioned above.
  • Many customers visit the same websites during peak hours
  • The server of the website sometimes does not provide enough system resource or bandwidth to satisfy the vast number of visitors and their needs.

If you want to test your Internet access speed, you can go to Local Connection Speed Test of CTM for testing and see your result is satisfactory or not.

If the result of Local Connection Speed Test is satisfactory, then this means that the connection from customer's computer to CTM platform is normal. The slow speed may be the cause of the overseas website. If the slow speed still continues, then you can let us know and we will monitor the particular website to better understand the main cause for the problem.


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