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To Establish your Personal Homepage

You can download some webpage design softwares to establish your own homepage.

Uploading your homepage to home directory
You can use FTP to upload your personal homepage to home directory. (Please downloads WS_FTP of Windows95/98/2000/NT/XP from here)

Note: You must enter your User ID and Password for connection to "login.macau.ctm.net", nickname is not accepted.

Press "MkDir" to establish new directory "public_html".

Select the file you need and then press "-->" button for upload to your public_html index.

Please remember to upload all the files to public_html index, the file name for the first page must be "index.html".

To Register for your Personal Homepage

After uploading all the files to public_html index, you must register the homepage.

Your personal homepage shall not be used for communications that:

  1. are intended to disturb other Internet users
  2. encourage violence or are intended to alter peace and public safety
  3. are intended to commit crimes and offences
  4. are intended to prevent any legal proceedings covering criminal investigation or criminal pursuit
  5. allow the spreading of rumours
  6. are indecent or pornographic
  7. are intended to compete with CTMs exclusive rights under its Concession Agreement.
  8. are intended to broadcast unsolicited advertising material.

After successful application, CTM will grant the right to user for running the homepage and will send an email to notify you that the homepage is prohibited to be used for commercial purposes.

For details, please call the No. 1 Hotline: 1000. CTM will not be responsible for any maintenance, updating and correction of any personal homepage.

Users are responsible for the structure and directory of the homepage, as well as the format and size of the files.

*CTM has the right the suspend or terminate any personal homepage that violates the above regulations without prior notice. CTM will not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused.

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