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Temporary Business Broadband Service

CTM's Temporary Business Broadband Service provides a unique service to customers who need temporary access to the Internet and monthly rental is avoided.



Temporary Business Broadband (Notes 1-3)
The service plans are only applicable to customer who has been grouped as Class B, Class C or Class D according to the Government approved Tariff Plan of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Service.
  Connection Fee (MOP) Daily Charge(MOP) Daily Usage(Hour) Download/ Upload Speed No. of IP & Type Access Mode No. of Free Email A/C (with Web Access) Free Storage per Mail Box Additional IP Maintenance Fee(MOP/IP/day)
Temp Broadband Plan 1 500 300 Unlimited 3M /256K 1 (Dynamic) PPPoE 1 20MB --
Temp Broadband Plan 2 800 400 Unlimited 3M /512K 1 (Fixed) Fixed IP 1 20MB 100
Temp Broadband Plan 3 800 600 Unlimited 6M /512K 1 (Fixed) Fixed IP 1 20MB 100


  • The service plans are not applicable to any licensed ISP according to the 24/2004 regulation on the provision of Internet services except for Internal use.
  • The prices do not include 56K dial-up access.
  • The service plans are applicable to individual / group / company for temporary use and is not allowed to be shared by other ISP(s), ASP(s), Service Provider(s) or any third party (third party either in the form of an entity(ies)or as individual(s) for pecuniary, for any beneficial gains or for any other purposes.
  • Applicants are bounded by the Terms and Conditions of the Service provided by CTM


  1. Customers are bounded by the Terms & Conditions of the Service provided by CTM at www.cyberctm.com.
  2. Any company that subscribes Business Broadband Service is allowed to share or connect the Service with other personal computers located within the same company at the same address/location. The Broadband Service is not allowed to be shared with any of its affiliated companies, associated companies or subsidiaries, whether partially or wholly owned. The bandwidth (download/upload) speed will be influenced by the quantity of shared PC. CTM shall only perform on-site support to the software and hardware provided by CTM.
  3. Except Note 2, The service bandwidth is not allowed to be shared by any individual(s) or entity(ies) directly or indirectly for pecuniary, beneficial gains or any other purposes.

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