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Web Hosting Service

Once the website is completed, you have to place your website onto a web server. By using a web hosting service, it allows and enables many companies to share the cost of a fast Internet connection for serving files.

In addition to CTM's wide variety of telecommunication services offered to commercial customers, CTM provides a multitude of web hosting services that are both reliable and dependable. CTM leases server space which support CGI, PHP, PERL and web services to companies and individuals who wish to present a web or have e-commerce presence but do not wish to maintain their individual servers. By using the CTM's web hosting service, both companies and individuals can save their valuable time, energy, and cost on maintaining their own servers.


Web Hosting Service (Notes 1 & 2)

  Once-Off Charge (MOP) Monthly Rental (MOP)
Web Page (Text, Photo, Links) Production, per page 300 ---------
Web Page Installation, per 500Kbytes 200 ---------
Web Page Storage, per 500Kbytes (Note 2) --------- 200
Web Page Update, per page (Note 3) 200 ---------
Application of MO Web Page Address,per address (e.g. www.xxxxx.com.mo) (Note 4) 300 / year ---------
Application of Non-CTM Web Page Address, per address (e.g. www.xxxxx.com) (Note 4) 1,000 (first two years) ---------


  1. All information that is considered "commercial" by its own nature, shall be stored in this area. It will not be allowed to use the user disk space to store this type of information.
  2. Charging unit is 1Kbyte. Minimum homepage size is 500Kbytes.
  3. 2.1 Service standard features:

    OS: Unix
    php, cgi, html, java script
    NetScreen Firewall System
    ADIC Data Backup
    Service Hotline Support
    24/7 E-mail Support
    Office Hour Off-Site Support

  4. 100Mbps high speed Local Internet Bandwidth
    192Kbps International Internet Bandwidth
  5. No charge is applied if the web page is updated by the customer..
  6. Domain name is subject to availability.

Web Host Service

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