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ISDN Access

CTM's ISDN Services offers you the best connections and fast upload and download of up to 128 Kbps to the Internet. It is totally digital, free from the interruption of static and noise, giving you high quality and more stable connections to the Internet.



ISDN Access (Up to 128Kbps) (Notes 1-4)

  Sign-up Fee (MOP) Monthly Charge (MOP)* Free Usage Per Month (Hours) Additional Usage Charge Per Hour (MOP) (Note 6) Free On-line Data Storage Per Month (Mbyte) (Notes 7-8) No. of E-mail Box Accounts Free E-mail Box Storage (Mbyte) (Notes 9-10)
ISDN Internet Access (Note 5) 98 200 80 4 10 x 3 Max. 3# 10 x 3

* Rental of ISDN line is not included

# The above service plan is inclusive of an e-mail box. Two additional e-mail box accounts will be offered free-of-charge upon request.


  • The ISDN Internet access is exempted from the ISDN local usage charge.


  1. Customers are bounded by the Terms & Conditions of the Service provided by CTM at www.cyberctm.com.
  2. Application must be submitted by the parents or guardian on behalf of the applicant who is below 18 years old.
  3. The service bandwidth is not allowed to be shared directly or indirectly beyond the connection address for pecuniary, beneficial gains or any other purposes. The bandwidth (download/upload) speed will be influenced by the quantity of shared PC. CTM shall only perform on-site support to the provided software and hardware as listed in note 13.
  4. The service is not applicable to ISP(s) except for internal use.
  5. Total charge is equal to the sum of the monthly charge and the additional usage charge by hour after the free hours (if applicable) are used up.If the actual monthly usage is below the free usage hours included in the monthly usage charge, the monthly charges should be due.
  6. The charging unit is one minute for duration.
  7. The Customer can use disk space in server to store non-commercial data or files. If the data stored exceeds the free on-line data storage capacity, the Customer will be charged at the applicable rate.
  8. All information that is considered as "Commercial", by its own nature, is prohibited be stored in this area.
  9. Customer may apply to increase the E-mail box storage but is required to pay additional charge according to the approved tariff.
  10. Customer has to apply in advance to increase e-mail storage.

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