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CTM provides Wi-Fi Roaming Service for frequent leisure travelers. Now you can stay connected at over 100,000 hotspots with your Internet account in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. You can also browse websites and receive emails anytime and anywhere. Keep connected with your friends from all over the world in an easy and convenient way.


Wi-Fi Roaming Partners:

Country / City Partner Hotspots User Guide
China China Telecom Updated Hotspots How to use
Hong Kong HKT Updated Hotspots How to use
Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) Updated Hotspots How to use
Far Eastone Telecom (FET) Updated Hotspots How to use


Application Method:

- If you are a CTM Residential Broadband Plan customer, you can apply for the Wi-Fi Roaming Service through: "CTM eServices" (Step: login "CTM eServices" > Click ¡§Manage My Services¡¨ > Select Service no. where broadband service located > Click ¡§Current Subscription¡¨ > Select ¡§Wi-Fi Roaming Service¡¨ in VAS section) or No. 1 Hotline 1000.

- Upon successful application, you will be able to login to Wi-Fi service in specified overseas hotspot locations with local Internet account username and password.


Charge: Aside from enjoying the free roaming Wi-Fi service of HKT, the other regions' Wi-Fi service charge is only $0.8 per minute.


Travel Tips:

(1) Check whether you have applied the Wi-Fi roaming service. Otherwise, you should make an application at least 1 working day before your departure.

(2) Ensure you memories the Internet login name and password.


Reset Password: By calling our No.1 Hotline 1000.




- Wi-Fi Roaming Service is only applicable to CTM Residential Broadband Plans customers.

- Once off application is needed. Customer will need to re-apply if customer would like to reuse the service after cancellation.

- Wi-Fi Roaming Service will be effective after 1 working day.

- The Wi-Fi Roaming Service Charge will be billed to the Residential Broadband Service bill.

- The charge is based on a full-minute increment, where any excess seconds of each usage will be rounded up to the next full minute.

- CTM will not guarantee the overall quality of service used at overseas hotspots.

- CTM will not bear any responsibility for the Wi-Fi Roaming should customer experience technical problems when using the service.

- CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.

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