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CTM provides a free 24-hour CTM Virus-Free e-mail Service to all Internet Customers. This service will scan all the incoming emails in e-mail box (@macau.ctm.net) and clean any found viruses at CTM-operated servers.

Virus-Free e-mail Service provides detection and removal capabilities for known computer viruses. Once an email (usually the attachment) is found containing a known virus, it will automatically be cleaned. However if the virus is not cleanable, the email will be moved to CTM central server and will be kept for 72 hours. Unless otherwise instructed, the infected email will be erased after the period. Customer will have to approach us within 72 hours to claim the virus-affected email or it will be deleted from the server.

If customer decides to reclaim their virus-affected email, it is at customer's own risk to open the virus-affected email. CTM assumes no responsibility on the content of the email and any possible loss caused by the release of this virus-affected email.

For more information, please call our No. 1 Hotline: 1000 or send email to

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