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CTM reminds customers who received e-mail of subject: “BLOCKED INCOMING MAILS”, should ignore and delete the e-mail immediately. CTM confirmed that this email message was not sent by the Company which are suspected to be the regular fraud mail. CTM would like to remind customers to refrain from disclosing any personal information through telephone or Internet, and to avoid clicking on the hyperlink included in any suspicious email to browse on any unknown website.

CTM reiterated that it is not their normal practice to request customers to provide personal information such as ID number, user ID, password and account number over telephone or through e-mail. CTM would like to urge customers to be alert to any deceptive email and phone calls, and to refrain from disclosing or verifying any personal information through telephone or Internet.


Should there be any query, please do not hesitate to call CTM No 1  Hotline:1000.

Due to the service failure of SMW3 submarine cable system happened today (August 27), which has once affected the service experience of some internet users when browsing certain non local websites this afternoon. CTM immediately deployed its network resources including through a number of external routing systems to offload and divert the data traffic  in order to stabilise the service performance.

Following close communications with the administrator of the cable system, it was confirmed that a section of the cable system located in north of Asia is in failure which has affected part of CTM internet service. After close communication and coordination with the system administrator, the faulty section of the cable was isolated and the internet service that was once being affected  was fully restored before 7:30pm. 

CTM network management centre will continue to maintain close communication with the system administrator while closely monitoring the performance of the cable system to ensure the quality of Internet services.


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